Android VR Social App

About the Project

The goal of the project was to develop an Android App to showcase the capabilities of the High Fidelity VR engine in Android Daydream-compatible devices

Our team was composed of 2 Senior Android VR Engineers

Key Features

The Android App is a Social media application where participants can connect to different virtual worlds and interact. It allows two-way audio communication, the projection of slides and other media in the Virtual World, and interaction between the participants and the virtual objects displayed. An important part of the project was to keep up to date the port of the 3D rendering engine written in C++ for desktop devices and incorporate all the features being added to it, to the Android version of the library.
The library included a 3-D rendering engine, a Physics engine, and an audio interface. All components needed to be compatible with Daydream libraries and run in 60 fps or more in all Android Daydream-ready devices

Project Management

Carried on by the Client staff in a Team Augmentation schema

Project Information

  • Client: High Fidelity
  • Service: Team Augmentation
  • Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Language: C++
  • IDE: Qt Creator
  • Framework: Android NDK, Qt Creator
  • Repo: Github
  • Method: Scrum
  • Database: mySQL
  • OS: Android
  • Duration: 12 months