High Fidelity

Client Profile

High Fidelity is a San Francisco-based startup from Second Life founder Philip Rosedale. They raised funding in from Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, Jeff Bezos, Greylock Partners, Mitch Kapor, Catamount Ventures and Kevin Rose.
Founded in 2013, High Fidelity is building deployable virtual worlds, combining the ease of rolling out a VM instance on a modern cloud platform with the interactivity of Minecraft and the immersion of virtual reality.
The main idea driving High Fidelity forward is the ability to quickly generate a virtual space to meet in and interact with.

What we did for them

We started working with High Fidelity in 2017 in a Staff Augmentation agreement. We provided a team of 2 Senior Android VR Engineers who worked alongside the High Fidelity team to create an Android App that showcases the features of High Fidelity’s VR libraries compatible with DayDream devices.

Project codename: Android VR Social Application

Additional Info

Country of origin: United States
Industry Entertainment, Social Media, Virtual Reality
Website highfidelity.com
Contact Person Shannon Romano Director Of Program Management