Document Management System


About the Project

QLCDox is the main application used by QLC to provide Letters of Credit documentation services to its Customers. QLC formed a team of developers in Argentina. At a time when the team was having performance problems, we were hired to take over Project Management

Our team was composed of 1 Project Manager

Key Features

The web application included the following capabilities:

  • Keeps a database including authorized users, client companies, ancrypted documents and personalized settings
  • Security and Traceability by means of user role definition
  • Built-in messaging system to send alerts and notifications, and to interchange messages, documents and information
  • Client accounting and billing
  • SWIFT messages processing engine to extract information from appropriate fields to be stored in the QLC Clients database
  • “Split Payments” capability which is used when a Letter of Credit is not paid in full, but in two or more partial payments

Project Management

We joined the project when it was already in progress. At this point our role started in the Executing phase. We performed the following actions:

  • Analyzed the project documentation to understand the Environmental Factors
  • Held interviews with all members of the team, and with the Managers both in the local branch and in the Headquarters
  • Made sure everybody understood the goals of the Company Management regarding the project, and how these fitted in the Company business strategy
  • Set short-term goals for the team and assessed performance of the members of the team individually, based on them
  • Introduced modifications in the team composition as a result of individual evaluations
  • Reinforced the Role of QA to improve the quality of the product
  • Improved team communications by having daily meetings where all members of the team could share their current progress and any restrictions or issues they were experimenting
  • Performed general Project Management Tasks during: Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing

Project Information

  • Client: QLC, Inc
  • Service: Project Management
  • Location: San Carlos, CA, USA
  • Language: C#
  • IDE: MS Visual Studio
  • Framework: .NET Fwk
  • Repo: SVN
  • Method: Agile
  • Database: SQL Server
  • OS: Windows Server
  • Duration: 19 months