Quality Letters of Credit

Client Profile

QLC is a U.S. Corporation based in San Carlos, CA. They provide foreign trade services, including Letter of Credit review and preparation of Export documentation

What we did for them

QLC had a Software Engineering team based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The team was in charge of developing and maintaining an ASP.NET application that allows managing the Letter of Credit documentation for QLC clients.
Due to a number of internal problems, the team was underperforming: milestones were not reached, the morale in the team was low, and the technical quality of the product suffered.We carried on Project Management activities: the team was consolidated by replacement of underperforming members and the establishment of clear rules. Intra-team communications were enhanced. QA was empowered to improve their ability to discover bugs and deviations. Milestone achievement was properly enforced. Communications between the Argentinian team and the U.S. headquarters were improved. After a short period of time, the team was able to consistently achieve their goals.

We worked for them in the following projects:

  • QLCDox: Foreign Trade Documentation System (Client Application)
  • QLCDox: Foreign Trade Documentation System (BackOffice Application)

Additional Info

Country of origin: United States
Industry Foreign Trade
Website highfidelity.com
Contact Person Gabriela Mari, General Manager, Buenos Aires Branch