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Intended Audience

Team Augmentation

Companies or organizations that have an existing technical team whose Management needs to increment the team capabilities: capacity, skills or both. This allows increasing an existing team throughput by assigning specific tasks to an outside team or professional. The task assignment can be pre-defined or it can change along the way, based on the Client needs.

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Service Description

Project Feasibility Analysis

This service is provided to help define a future project being considered by the Client.
Some of the elements that are considered and analyzed to assess the project feasibility are:

  • Business Case of the Project
  • Functional and non-functional requirements with prioritization
  • Risk Impact & Mitigation strategies
  • High level estimations of Costs and Schedule
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Service Description

Full Outsourcing or Offshoring

This service is recommended for Clients who do not have a development team. All technical tasks are carried on by the team we provide. As part of this service, we will define and follow a Project Management Plan, and a set of Methods and Procedures required to systematize the project work.

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