Kanjoya, Inc

Client Profile

Kanjoya was an enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that developed natural language processing (NLP) based artificial intelligence to understand, measure, and improve customer and employee experience. Founded in 2006 by Armen Berjikly, the company was acquired by Ultimate Software in 2016. It had raised approximately $13.5M USD in venture capital from investors including Floodgate, Baseline Ventures, and DE Shaw, and counted clients including Intel, Twitter, and Zendesk.

What we did for them

We provided Project Management for a team built by a local Software Development company. The team was tasked with the full set of Operations for the Experience Project, a social web aimed at allowing the users to share experiences anonymously.
We worked for them on the following project:

  • The Experience Project (Full Outsourcing)

Additional Info

Country of origin: United States
Industry Information Technology
Website ultimateperception.com
Contact Person Heidi Allstop, Director of Product Management